Description: Normal scale ruler is Y shape with 6 scales, user may require more when they are at work or studying. Moreover, they can only measure 1 scale on 1 paper at the same time. Compare to normal scale ruler, T³ is designed as triangular shape, it is combined by 3 individual rulers which carry 4 scales each. So T³ is able to provide 12 scales and it can be used in combined or separated form, users are able to share the scale ruler with others. Also, by lifting the slope on T³ ruler’s face by 30° and engraved with mountain like graduation, it helps user to read measurement clearly. Our concept of T³ comes from Tower Crane – an agile machinery that offers amazing lifting capability. We see geometry in the crane, more than just a physical triangular structure. These three-line shapes are often seen in architectural design as they provide strength and stability. T³ is designed in a way that a symmetrical triangle can be formed through using 3 of its individual triangular ruler, such design allows each T-ruler to carry 4 scales/graduations. With the built-in precise magnet, T³ looks no different from standard ruler, but it provides more.

Company: Yuan Design Studio

Award: Red Dot Design Award (Germany)