Description: As one of the biggest players in the dry mortar industry of the Pearl River Delta region, Hong Kong-based Optimix utilises pioneering technology to enhance its growing legacy. The Substance is a printed brochure that combines the values and operations of Optimix with a catalogue of their extensive product range.

Beginning from square one, we created both the book content and design to reflect the substance of the company, and dry mortar as a material. The brochure is materialised by bringing to surface the often-unseen elements of construction; each cover is embedded with a unique tile made from one of their various dry mortar products. Optimix’s green fibreglass mesh, frequently used as reinforcement is repurposed as the book spine support to reflect its intended function. The book is subdivided into nine sections: each uncovering a product line in the representative collection. The Substance conjugates and celebrates Optimix’s story and vision of the past, present, and future. The reader is brought on a behind-the-scenes journey to discover the very material technology that underpins the urban fabric of today.

Company: Toby Ng Design Limited

Award: Red Dot Design Award (Germany)