Description: “X-Xperimenting Exhibition – Danny Yung 50 Year Creations” is a re-construction and re-imagination of some of Yung’s classic works of art. Danny Yung has been an experimental art pioneer for over 50 years. Featuring cross-media works of art created by artist Danny Yung over the decades, the exhibition charts the diversified artistic journey of a forerunner of experimental art.

The tribute exhibition presented in three major sections, one of the highlight is the installation titled GATEWAY – Flower Plaque Secret Garden in the courtyard, a 20-meter tall installation combining traditional bamboo scaffolding and flower plaque crafting techniques of Hong Kong. Based on the installation exhibited in Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2014, this actually a new creation is not only a flower plaque, but also gourd installation, comics and wordplay. The multiple layers of the installation symbolises the overlapping of our traditions and cultures. While standing in the courtyard, we are enclosed by tradition and allow us to analyze and recognize our relationship with the past. Through the GATEWAY, we review our past, understand our past, step out of history and we will recreate history.

Company: Zuni Icosahedron

Award: Red Dot Design Award (Germany)