Description: Since the 2000s, a multitude of Community Recycling Centres (CRC) initiated by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) have been set up in Hong Kong to collect recyclables. However, the outcome was not satisfactory due to their unpleasant environment and limited coverage. Rebranded as “Recycling Stores,” the new clean and tidy CRCs are launched as the unveiling of the new identity of “6”, a homonym of “Green” in Cantonese. The consolidated brand enables the public to easily associate “6” to recycling in the ubiquitous collection points like convenience stores. The extensiveness of the project was much broader than initially planned, attracting high usage in preparation of the city’s municipal solid waste charging by 2023, even kickstarting food waste collection programmes. Besides the complete overhaul of the general perceptions and behaviour towards waste management, the widely available and stylish shops made great appeals to keen citizens, attracting young visitors as well as staff to lead more eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyles.

Company: CoDesign Ltd

Award: iF Design Award (Germany)