Description: The last decade has seen a growing interest in all aspects of health and wellbeing and designers have not been immune to this. Much of the debate has been framed in terms of providing spaces to support wellness, mindfulness as well as more established forms of medicine and healing, both through individual optimisation and self-care as well as by increasing accessibility for underrepresented groups within society. Sustainability and the use of healthy materials was another ongoing concern.

Humansa, a healthcare brand under New World Group aims to build a ground-breaking preventive health and wellness ecosystem in Hong Kong and across the Greater Bay Area in China to capture emerging market demands under the pandemic. It targets at women and children, executives, sport performers and their families in reaching a wide range of health goals by providing diverse health and wellness services, such as medical imaging, dentistry, endoscopy, dietetics, physiotherapy, and high-performance training.

Company: PANORAMA Design Group

Award: iF Design Award (Germany)