Description: Crafted from ethically sourced solid horn, RG0161ZCLE showcases rich visual and artisanal dexterity. Artfully shaved bevels that flow and ebb throughout the frame take as their primary reference the fluid brush strokes of East Asian calligraphy, creating three-dimensional flourish and refinement. In an unexpected turn, the horn is coated in gossamer-thin tree bark-rice straw paper, and handpainted in traditional lacquer technique, with careful drying, sanding, and smoothing between each layer, until the final matte top layer is applied to produce lacquer with less shine, delivering a unique rendition of the age-old art form. The frame features temples forged from beta-titanium — with hollow-back construction for lightweight comfort and enhanced flexibility — and solid wood temple tips made using salvaged premium furniture timber.


Award: iF Design Award (Germany)