Description: The intention of the design is to connect with customers and enhance their experience. By using materials like marble, velvet, wood, and champagne gold stainless steel, the interior space is made to feel more luxurious than a typical clinical Centre. This makes every visit an indulgent experience for the customers, and one that they look forward to enjoying the services. Guests are greeted in the reception area by a large curved reception counter, cozy booths with coral and blush velvet sofa seating, and marble flooring with herringbone floor pattern. The lift lobby continues the design with champagne gold and shimmering finishes, while an oval, reflective ceiling feature makes the entrance feel large and spacious. In the 20Laser reception area, the design uses a mix of clean, sharp lines and soft materials. A wooden herringbone floor with a polygonal reception desk and 20Laser bar counter blend harmoniously with the soft grey palette and rich materials used in the waiting area.

Company: Dream Ticket Workshop Limited

Award: A Design Award and Competition (Italy)