Description: moi nivak is dedicated to curation of contemporary collectibles, carefully select daily collectibles and design items from around the world. Combining a select store and design shop, the select store opens its door to welcome arts and cultural collectible lovers. 

Graphic Dpt has developed the brand identity framework to introduce moi nivak as a new player in the field. The brand system comprehends brand strategy, name, stationery and website.

The foundation of the moi nivak brand is set off by primary typography set in Sunset Gothic. The wordmark is a bespoke typeface, developed by Colophon Foundry’s Benjamin Critton, with subjective mélange of a multitude of unattributed sans-serif painting styles. The typographic approach has been used throughout to provide legibility across all of moi nivak’s brand communications.

Company: Cheung Yuk Pui 張煜培

Award: A Design Award and Competition (Italy)