INSPIRATION: The Homeowners wanted to have a flexible place to accommodate the changing spatial needs of our little ones now and in the future. This brief inspired the team to create a transformable space where the little boy and the infant can share laughter together for the time being and enjoy private moments in their own kingdoms when they grow older.

UNIQUE PROPERTIES / PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Some might think that having children share a room is just an undesirable option due to a lack of living space. However, it is not the case for this young family of four living in a 781 square feet apartment perched atop the hustle and bustle of Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s a warm, flexible and transformable home that will grow with the family.

OPERATION: When the sliding partitions are opened up, a great playground is there for them to have fun and share moments. As time goes by the siblings may wish for quiet and individual space for homework or zoom classes, as well as some me time like every one of us do. Simply close the sliding doors, the bedrooms which each completed with desks and wardrobes can be separated immediately.

Company: Littlemore Design Limited

Award: A Design Award and Competition (Italy)