Description: Located at City Gallery, ‘Envisioning Beyond Legacy’ is a multimedia exhibition to showcase the planning and infrastructure achievements of Hong Kong over the last 25 years, as well as the future development directions. Interactive installations and games are heavily adopted to drive self-exploration by public on their own initiative and provide an immersive visiting experience. For example, there is a magnified Hong Kong map which embedded motion tracking sensors laid on the LED floor. Public could immerse themselves into the LED wall and floor by stepping on the map and trigger the ‘Development Highlights’ spots, then project details will be popped up instantly. This visual effect creates a clearer geographic blueprint to comprehend the linkage and synergy of all projects. Futhermore, in the exhibition area, a barrier-free environment is designed to optimize the visiting experience for everyone in the community.

Company: Oval Design Limited

Award: DRIVEN × DESIGN: HONG KONG Design Awards (Australia)