Description: Located in the finance hub of the city Central, SHIO offers a unique blend of experience, encompasses the original tastes of Japanese yakitori.

The naming was an initiation from the Japanese word “salt”, it was derived from the Japanese words “shio” (塩) meaning salt and “yaki” (焼) meaning barbecue. In the Japanese language, SHIO (しお) has the meaning of “salt”, it is the fundamental ingredient for seasoning in cookery.

As a sensational touch, the brand identity is defined by a logo mark of graphic and type pronounced by the modeling of a castor with pepper and salt. The brand identity is extended across print, packaging and interior to create an initimate and peaceful atmosphere that brings customers a perfect escape from the city’s hustle.

Japanese cuisine is traditionally rich in variety of taste, texture and color. It is also known as a food culture in which the ingredients are appreciated for their natural raw state.

Company: Cheung Yuk Pui 張煜培

Award: DRIVEN × DESIGN: HONG KONG Design Awards (Australia)