About SIDA

HKDA SIDA 2021/22 (Sponsorship for International Design Awards 2021/22) is a sponsorship programme aim to provide financial aid to encourage Hong Kong designers and local design-applying enterprises to participate in the representative international competitions or awards in order to increase the publicity of Hong Kong design.

The reimbursement is serving as a reward to the good work, and as an honour and recognition from Create Hong Kong by providing financial reimbursement to Hong Kong designers and local design-applying enterprises who “won the specified international competitions/awards”.

The financial aid is based on a list of 35 specified international competitions/awards with 7 design categories (Multi, Graphics, Spatial, Product, Fashion, Digital Media and Design Education). All awards are endorsed by 13 local professional design associations and institutions and design celebrities.

Purposes and Beneficiaries

1) Increase HK’s international design awards and world ranking as Asia’s creative capital;

2) Increase HK’s international design awardees by subsidizing and encouraging more local design awardees and young design talents to participate in international design competition/award;

3) Increase HK international design winning works and attract more international and mainland buyers and clients to re-focus on the HK creative industry market.

Why apply?

SIDA 2021/22  is an no age-limited financial support program which can encourage and support young local design talents to develop and expand their own business without worrying about the huge winner promotion expense. Minimize the financial burden of talented local designers and encourage them to enter the international competitions/awards under the government financial support. Cultivate active participation and exchange amongst local and international designers. Designers will have a chance to meet with practitioners from around the world in the overseas award presentation, which allows you to exchange design insights and keep abreast of the most updated industry knowledge.


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