Description: The revitalisation of Siu Hei Court Playground injects smiles and energy into a decrepit rooftop space of 4,000 square metres, transforming an ordinary and dated sportsground into an intergenerational play space. Tuen Mun is stigmatised by a myriad of reports to be one of the unhappiest districts in Hong Kong. Inspired by the name of the estate, which rhymes with Chinese characters – smile and laughter, the design aims to evoke a sense of happiness and positivity, sending joy to neighbours and users alike. User-centric and dual-function designs are introduced to the playground, a wealth of experiences, including a Gridded Playscape for unstructured play, running tracks, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts, Car Tire installation, and supergraphics photo spots, are curated and packed into the split-level space for users that fall in anywhere in the spectrum of age, ability, and interest.This project creates a new identity for Siu Hei and demonstrates how the untapped potential in rooftop playgrounds can be unlocked to provide more meaningful and fulfilling play experiences for all.

Company: One Bite Design Studio Limited

Award: Golden Pin Design Awards (Taiwan)