Description: For this project, there is not only screening movies but also a stage created at an auditorium for live performances of all kinds so designer chose ‘Stage’ as the design concept for this cinema. Since the old days, the stage has served as a space for actors or performers and a focal point (the screen in cinema theaters) for the audience.

Designers used spotlight as a single unit to create unique lighting fixtures on the lobby ceiling. ‘Spotlights’ are assembled in two layers, pointing outwards at opposite directions. They created rectangular shapes in various sizes. Guests will notice these rectangular blocks, which are hanging randomly in different angles ‘floating’ above their heads.

To increase the lighting effect throughout the interior, designers used bronze to create more reflective surfaces. The ‘spotlights’ shine on the walls to create interesting lights and shadows effects. The color schemes, e.g. yellow and orange are also closely related to the ‘lighting’ elements.

‘Spotlights’ appear in the hallway again, they are decorating the space as single units, each pointing at different angles, e.g. floors, seatings, walls to create lights and shadows visual impact.


Award: Golden Pin Design Awards (Taiwan)