Description: Situated at the core district of Kowloon, the original 2-room apartment is modified into an open planned studio flat, so as to redefine the spaces to create a home that can allow the owner to cleanse her mind & enhance the energy of mindfulness. In order to make the highest efficiency of the limited spaces to encounter different kinds of activities, spatial arrangements are structured with high degree of flexibility, for casual gathering with friends, peaceful space for meditation or working space for home office. Furniture are manufactured with walnut wood finish in open grain, with walls painted in pale green, invite feeling of relaxations. Having the advantage of the big glass windows around the facade, enormous amount of natural light can flood in the space, connecting this apartment not just visually with the spectacular city view, while also bringing in the warmth and light to brighten up the spaces.

Company: Littlemore Design Limited

Award: Asia Design Prize (Korea)