Description: Neighbourhood Innovation Lab is an initiative that connects to and creates partnerships across multiple neighbourhood stakeholders, leveraging neighbourhood-as-a-unit and the design thinking methodology. By opening up conversations across stakeholders, we envision to shape inclusive and human-centred neighbourhoods through breaking down barriers and becoming the mediating agent. Within our urban neighbourhoods, there is an urgency for different private and public bodies to break the silo and make informed decisions towards common goals. As urban designers and architects, we listen and synthesize the voice of different stakeholders, and distill insights otherwise hard to decipher to create a more balanced outcome for neighbourhood projects. Through “neighbourhood-as-a-unit”, Neighbourhood Innovation Lab has successfully tapped into the advantage of neighbourhood density in Hong Kong to engage in fruitful dialogues with multiple stakeholders for a variety of outcomes. We have been invited, commissioned, and partnered with stakeholders from NGOs, government departments and agencies, private developers, to create a methodological process of engaging the neighbourhood, resulting in dialogues, exhibitions, design feasibility studies, toolkits, neighbourhood activation, and designs that revitalize the neighbourhood. With the spirit of a lab, we create a range of experimental outcomes that fit the complex nature of urban projects across various types.

Company: Architecture Commons Limited

Award: Good Design Award (Japan)