Description: AdaptSpecs eyewear frame is a solution for disabled and disfigured people who have difficulty wearing regular eyewear that uses the nasal bridge and ear as support points. Using alternative support points such as the cheek bone and the curve of one’s head, the design allows users to wear glasses just like a normal person. The design is created as a product made with customization orders through 3D printing, which will allow optimal fit and maximum usability for the users which will not be achievable with conventional mass production methods. Users benefit from not attracting additional attention through adapting regular eyewear frames which creates the feeling of inclusiveness through the use of an accommodating design. The design also considers the fitting of lenses, which can be done in any regular eyewear shop without the need for special tools or processes.

Company: See Jun Hong 薛竣鴻 (special arrangement)

Award: International Design Excellence Award (USA)