Description: For this 781 square feet apartment perched atop the hustle & bustle in the busiest urban area, a transformable space is created where the little boy and the infant can share laughter together for the time being and enjoy private moments in their own kingdoms when they grow older, a flexible place to accommodate the changing spatial needs for the little ones now & in the future. To this end, two adjourning bedrooms are connected by installing an off-white solid sliding door in between & replaced the wall along the corridor with a three-panel sliding glass door. The colour palette is carefully applied in this home. The refined foyer is decorated with light green wallpaper while the back panel of the wooden cabinet in the dining room is covered in green shade, forming a sense of cohesiveness. Indigo blue is selected as the dominating colour for its tranquil calmness in the master bedroom and a lighter blue for the kids’ rooms to reflect the siblings’ energy and liveliness. Ultimately it’s a warm, flexible and transformable home that will grow with thefamily.

Company: Littlemore Design Limited

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)