Description: Beijing Chaoyang Hopson One, a mixed-use complex located at the intersection of two major subway lines in Chaoyang District, was completed in 2017. Jumbo Globe’s team implemented an innovative solution to address the new challenges arising from the city’s rapid development, while also meeting the increasing demand for retail space and developing a new positioning strategy for the shopping center.

Jumbo Globe’s creative zoning strategy successfully directs customers from two major subway exits and several drop-off points into two customer flow circulations that encircle the mall. The first circulation, extending from the original outdoor customer flow, includes an expanded restaurant seating area, interactive installations, outdoor retail spaces for pop-up events, and more, aimed at enhancing the customer experience and creating additional value for the client.

The second circulation, newly created around the office tower, guides customers from the drop-off point on the main street or through the newly designed corridor into a new outdoor market zone, formerly part of the outdoor parking area. This approach optimizes the customer flow and creates new opportunities for both customers and the client.


Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)