Description: HKDA has deployed pixels for the main visual of GDA2018 and the theme of convergence and divergency. To echo with the theme, a hanging installation made with 400 recyclable carton boxes, projected with animation was a visual anchor. The intent is to project brand presence as the giant letters GDA that could be vividly seen when the boxes were overlapped and pieced up in a new perspective. Another 1,400 boxes were arranged in different configurations for displaying the award entries. The challenge is to accommodate over 500 exhibits from various categories in different forms, shapes and sizes in a small floor area of only 630 sqm. To create such a non-didactic and cozy environment, we just do the minimal so as to fully showcase the creativity of awardees in a low budget and environmental-friendly approach.

Company: Oval Design Limited

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)