Description: The growing tree was located at K11 Atelier in Hong Kong. In this project, we have experimented and invented a new material especially for this art piece – an innovative synthetic material made by bamboo laminate and aluminium strips. We used a special production technique to avoid delamination of bamboo on aluminium. The strips combined the strength of bamboo’s elasticity and aluminum’s strength, a perfect material to solve the 10+m long-span issue. The flexibility of this material can also fully express the tree branches’ organic curvy form.

The tree was designed with 10 modules scripted in a random yet orderly manner which mimics the order in nature itself. The strips were overlaid in array pattern forming layers of curves in a poetic complexity. Lighting were designed to allow lights to shine through the strips and create beautiful shadow underneath the installation art. 3D fabrication technology and parametric tools were used in our design and fabrication process. There are a total of 50 strips formed by 10 modules in 4 half ring layers. Modulization has smoothened the fabrication and on-site assembly process and made sure the form was being delivered with precision.

Company: Kirin Plus Lab Ltd

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)