Description: For centuries, China has viewed the circle as a representation of the heavens and the infinite. The circle boasts innumerable axes of symmetry and boundless potential, which are transformed into endless spatial possibilities. The core philosophy of the architectural planning and design for Phase III of the Guangzhou Regal Villa is centered on a circular layout. The landscape design project expands upon this circular concept, introducing dynamic elements to infuse the overall project with more life and a greater range of possibilities.

The architectural design and overall planning of the community is centered around the use of circles in different combinations. These circles serve as the primary concept for the lanes and the division of various areas. Our landscape design team has taken into consideration the overall environment and has utilized the essence of circles to create endless possibilities for the community’s spaces. In addition to aesthetics, the landscape team has also considered the practical use of the space. This includes various facilities such as a clubhouse, a leisure lawn, an outdoor dynamic area, a children’s playground, an outdoor swimming pool, and a family barbecue area.


Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)