Description: The Global Burden of disease study report that oral disease affected half of the world’s population. Up to 1.2 million bacteria on a single toothbrush is one reason to influence dental health. However, most existing UV sterilization devices are complete, bulky or one-of-a-kind. ‘Health stand’ supports that provide a new method to the user as a universal rack for most toothbrushes. It provides the UVC by killing bacteria, also offer the teeth timer from 3 minutes to recall for the clean timer. The size is small, easy to take on the trip and fits most areas of the house. People clean the teeth does not have to be less than 3 minutes and twice daily to keep it clean. Please do not wait and worry about the health of your teeth, just put the toothbrush to the health stands, press the button and select the multi-features easily.

Company: Leung Chun Fai 梁振輝

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)