Description: OP1981 is a project embedded with the story between the owner and the building. Being born with this building in 1981, the owner has a sensational connect with the culture and nostalgic surroundings. We are commissioned to renovate the apartment, but most importantly to retain the identity of the neighborhood.

We have achieved our goals in rescheduling the space and recapitulating the nostalgia elements in a modernized way. On one hand we have transformed the space into a studio flat, on the other hand reserved optimal functions and privacy for the owner’s needs. In respect of conservation of history, we cautiously implanted reminiscent and architectural details to the design while did not give up the modernity of the overall design, as we always bear in mind the very core of interior design/ space planning is people, the contentment of the user is above everything.

Along with retaining the identity of the history, we also paid effort to make the “1981” identification be visible to the neighbour, tiling the nostalgic hexagonal mosaic which formed the words 1981 in the terrace, we attempted to communicate with the nostalgia surroundings and become a manifestation in the ever-changing city.

Company: LOT Architects

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)