Description: Soul Pure Beauty Rebranding

Soul Pure Beauty, a medical aesthetic center based in Hong Kong, which was formed in 2017. Having been in the market for 5 years, the owners are thrilled to refresh the brand identity and give Soul Pure Beauty a chance to extend its spirit as well as to establish a significant yet remarkable change.

The designer, B House Design, encountered two problems when planning to rebrand the unit. First was to entail the seismic upgrades and infrastructure for the 650-square-foot facility. That included designing the interior and emphasizing its unique corporate identity, well-noted by the designer Betty Kum of B House Design. She was leading the entire revamp process, from layout planning to selection of tea set and music, in order to upgrade Soul Pure Beauty’s marketing position and company image. The other problem was to balance between the investments and return, as well as to elevate the level of operation and services at the same time.

Company: B House Interiors

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)