Description: Upon entering the room, guests are greeted by a white slate staircase and a pedestal that leads down to a feature wall. A black wood feature wall creates a calm atmosphere reminiscent of Zen architecture.

The living room of this villa is decorated in black, white, and wood tones. An impressive TV wall dominates the entire room. A black wooden strip dominates the top and is offset by white at the bottom, giving the design the appearance of volleying. In addition to being decorative, it conceals the guest toilet underneath the stairs through a sliding door. By extending the visual effect of the feature wall, it enhances its aesthetic appeal. The handle is made of the same material as the door. Therefore, it is imperative not only to look at the surface, but to lift the veil a smidge to see the world from the inside. This is reminiscent of the “Tai Chi” pattern, which connects arcs in a feature wall with white arcs. Describes the integration of the inside and outside by combining the two. This ties together elements from inside and outside more cohesively than anything else, reminding us ever so slightly about how Tai Cai really translates.

Company: Lo Tsz Chung Frankie 羅子聰

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)