Description: The Swan is located inside the clubhouse of Solaria Hong Kong as a feature sculpture. It is a stainless steel sculpture that expresses the beauty of a swan using parametric design approach. The sculpture displayed a dynamic form with varying shape on 360 degree. When viewers walked pass by the full-height glass hallway, one can enjoy the dynamic flow of the sculpture which mimic the organic movement of a swan stretching its wings over the water. The engraved lines on the sculpture highlights its fluidity.

The design uses 3D fabrication technology to create the fluid massing using stainless steel material. With the compliment of reflections from water and polished metal surface, the artwork stands out as a masterpiece within the landscape of the clubhouse, showcasing as a beauty of organic curves and strength. The challenge of the project is the mainly the structural design part. Since the sculpture form is inclined towards the back with only a minimal footing to support the mass on top, careful calculation is needed to minimize the depth of foundation, while making the structure stable enough to support the sculpture on top.

Company: Kirin Plus Lab Ltd

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)