Description: For this restaurant located in a contemporary hotel in Hong Kong Island, the place is designed to be highly transformable, and be able to cater for almost every scenario, while at the same time to be re-branded with a young & trendy image.

Chinese Restaurant is the best place for family & friends gathering in Hong Kong, and most importantly it is always the venue for the biggest moments in every Chinese family, from Wedding banquets, new-born shower party to the birthday celebration of the senior family members. 
 In order the entertain the varying requirements of the customer from a room of 12-seaters to a big hall of more than 300 guests, most restaurant will adopt movable partitions for all these situations, while on the other hand, lost a lot of spatial quality when all the panels are hidden, leaving a big hall of space to fill up with small tables.

Yat Lung Heen demonstrates the way to interact with their customers by transforming the spaces flexibly, to create the best environment for every different scenario, from business events to homely family gatherings, bringing joy & happiness to serve the local district.

Company: Littlemore Design Limited

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)