Q1. Who is eligible?

– Winners of specified international competitions/awards can apply to Scheme A.

– Winners of specified local competitions/awards to enter international competitions/awards can apply Scheme B to obtain the reimbursement of entry fee of international competition.

– No age-limited and not only limited to design practitioners only. (If the public or design students have the capacity and talents to gain the specific awards, they are warmly welcome to apply too.)

Q2. How many entries can I submit?

For Scheme B, each applicant can only submit a maximum of 3 applications.

For Scheme A, SIDA does not restrict the number of awards, restricts the maximum reimbursement amount of each award to HKD$ 100,000 and the maximum reimbursement amount of each design unit to HKD$ 200,000 under the First-Come-First-Served Basis.

Q3. When will the results be announced?

Reimbursement will be processed within 3 months after the application is considered successful.