Description: The COLUMN Jewellry Stand addresses the most common frustrations in jewelry organization, including: necklace tangling, finding separated left and right earrings, storing very long necklaces, and consolidating different jewelry categories elegantly within one system. This compact design boasts impressive display space whilst remaining neat with a distinct visual character.

A monolithic-style column slots into a chamfered square base. Thanks to the novel necklace anchors and top grooves, necklaces up to 850mm circumference can be hung easily. The hanging format also avoids necklaces tangling together whilst allowing smooth snag-less retrieval. It holds up to 10 necklaces.

The ring cone modules are inspired by coastal tetrapods, accentuating the overall concrete aesthetic. They accommodate most ring sizes, up to size 12. They hold 15 rings which is ample for most collections.

5 semi-sphere dimples hold studs and earrings. The curved profile ergonomically eases access to get the studs. The layout introduces maximum holding space in an uncomplicated manner. For any other accessories, a large tray completes the unit’s utility, with a subtle logo engraved in a restrained style.


Award: Red Dot Design Award (Germany)