Description: With a passion for empowering mobile creatives, we aimed to create the ultimate content creator toolkit. An ecosystem of products that enhance your mobile shooting experience.

SnapGrip is a compact and ergonomic mobile photography grip that utilizes the iPhone MagSafe system and provides wireless charging via a built-in battery. With a simple strong magnetic snap, the SnapGrip is quick to connect and instantly brings the comfort of a full-size grip including a shutter button for index finger shooting to your phone. A minimal design with portability in mind. The magnetic system lets you quickly switch from landscape to portrait shooting * or expand with lighting or mounts.

Just Grip, Snap, Shoot. With the magnetic system, the SnapGrip is very intuitive in use as it automatically snaps into the correct position on your phone. Additional accessories can snap magnetically to the SnapGrip, your phone, or each other.

A Snaplight beautifully illuminates your subject while the SnapPod allows you to frame your shot as a tripod or selfie stick, or just mounts a light for you. The SnapGrip ecosystem is designed to seamlessly integrate into the content creation workflow.


Award: Red Dot Design Award (Germany)