Description: Dedicated to the art and pleasures of driving, The Library is home to a curated collection of automotive treasures and a sensual hideaway. Crafted for an intensely passionate client, the former car park was transformed into a space for exhibition and social interaction.

Drawing on the mechanical nature of cars, we engineered the space with mobility design in mind. Each component and part that has been fittingly integrated within, can be easily assembled and disassembled to the user’s whim. Our vision was to package this without losing the level of immersion we were seeking for. So we ventured out and experimented with materiality by crafting a hall of infinite reflections, utilising polished stainless steel panels to create a visual journey that seamlessly plays with light and forms. The lighting system features lantern lamps which can be portable or wall mounted, providing a high level of flexibility and deriving an unparalleled level of modularity, whilst defining the atmosphere of the room. Our design creates a platform to preserve the beauty of the past and celebrate the emotions of the future.

Company: Substance Limited

Award: Red Dot Design Award (Germany)