Description: The design concept of this project is ‘cloud’. We interpreted the concept of ‘clouds floating in the sky’ abstractly in the form of arcs. The different arcs create a rich variety of changes to the space yet still serve various functionalities in each area. The biggest challenge we faced for this project was caused by the pandemic. Two main problems were budget reduction requests from the client and the fact that our team could not monitor the site in person due to travel restrictions. As the contractor was not very responsive to our questions and sometimes refused to update us from time to time, it has made the execution much harder as some designs are rather complicated and need our close attention. In order to solve the budget request, we tried to come up with easier ways for execution. As we could not monitor the site in person, we set up a time-lapse camera at the site so we could receive updated photos from the site regularly without checking in with the contractor. Once we’ve noticed something’s not going well, we would correct them immediately.


Award: iF Design Award (Germany)