“Reading Mi” is a cultural concept bookstore founded by the “Yoyi Book” brand in 2014. Every store integrates reading, cultural creations, coffee, parent-child, social activities and other diversified formats together. The business positioning of “family / middle class” aims to provide a new cultural space for urban families.


Located in the open atrium space of a shopping mall in Foshan, China, this bookstore faced the challenge of an on-site space to create a haven of calm amidst the hustle and bustle. The brand name ‘覔’ is an ancient font, which means to explore and seek. In Chinese culture, the concept of ‘hidden’ is endowed with the philosophical connotation of wisdom and life. Where there is a blank and invisible place, it often shows the most sincere existence and hides the deepest peace, which becomes the design concept of this project. The design team pushed to create an introverted, holistic environment. Under the warm background tones, different spatial functions are defined by a series of abstract book-flipping gestures.

Company: PANORAMA Design Group

Award: iF Design Award (Germany)