Description: Exlicon is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless, offering exceptional durability, strength, and lightweight characteristics. The magnetic wings are constructed with high-grade N58 neodymium magnets, providing a sturdy and secure connection to the base with effortless attachment and detachment features. The design incorporates advanced fluid dynamics principles, making it ideal for both left and right-handed users. To ensure precise alignment, we needed to calculate the eccentricity of the ellipse and carefully fit the base and wings to match. This required precise manufacturing techniques, including the use of high-precision CNC machines. Preheating was also necessary for certain applications, such as mass production where it was a challenge to maintain consistency and prevent cracking or distortion during manufacturing, especially for thinner and longer rulers. The final product is meticulously assembled and subjected to rigorous quality and performance testing to meet our standards.

Company: Ddiin Concept Limited

Award: A Design Award and Competition (Italy)