Description: On the theme of sea, land, and air infrastructure development of Hong Kong, ‘Gateway to Future’, an outdoor exhibition located at Edinburgh Place, showcased why Hong Kong is poised to become the international gateway to GBA, the world’s springboard to China and Asia. By integrating the elements of QR code, AR and chessboard, the exhibition provides a hybrid function which facilitates physical and virtual to interweave for creating immersive and interactive experience. Other than the chessboard platform and eye-catching physical installations, public could also enjoy the bespoke online mobile game which embedded fun facts, animations, mini game and questions and answers related to Hong Kong. It also takes you to a virtual trip to different cities flashily by utilizing AR. With the ingenious chessboard design, it is able to see number ’25’ from the top view which symbolize the celebration of 25th anniversary of HKSAR.

Company: Oval Design Limited

Award: A Design Award and Competition (Italy)