Description: The average person only wears 10-20% of their wardrobe and yet 92 million tons of textile waste are still generated by the fashion industry each year. With Kitdo, you can expand your restyling options by creating new textures and shapes, and that together will be able to push the boundary of our wardrobe imagination. Invented by a fashion stylist, Kitdo is an innovative and consciously-produced accessory made with light-weight aluminium and strong magnet inserts. Each piece is individually crafted with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine process to avoid overproduction and finished with a high shine Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating without any water usage. Available in gold or silver to match both warm and cool-tone outfits, the magnets bond fabrics together without altering the integrity of the textile.

Company: Denise Ho 何海泠

Award: A Design Award and Competition (Italy)