Description: Radical Chic is a high-end Italian restaurant at 101/F of International Commerce Center in Hong Kong. Being one of the highest in the city, it overlooks spectacular seaview across the harbour. A gallery-inspired minimalistic interior is chosen to melds the art of contemporary gourmet and design. Contemporary pristine white gallery space evokes touch and feel with a variety of subtly textured wallpaper for gallery walls, highly textured art paint for natural touch of cocktail bar, custom hand woven carpet for main area, and ultra soft sheer fabric as floating partitions. Getting inspiration from spectrum of the sky: muted earth tone of dusk, vivid blue of a sunny day, and vibrant orange of sunset, the design incorporate contrasting colour by allocating them in different elements to orchestrate a harmoniously chic colour scheme. The interior is curated as the perfect setting for spectacular panoramic view and superb dining experience.

Company: Haven Design Limited

Award: A Design Award and Competition (Italy)