Description: “In-Between” Exhibition is a celebratory thematic exhibition for the museums’ 60 anniversary. Commissioned by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the lead artist, Choi Kim-hung, our practice has led to the exhibition design of the 2-floor gallery at the museum. To highlight the importance of the museum in their unique art collection and the 7 young local artists to be featured, our design does not only focus on individual objects, but also retells the journey of the art creation. Responding the curatorial statement of “In-Between” ( ), celebrating the tides and lows of the endless attempts and breakthroughs for each artist, a continuous “road” is designed to connect selected works and bring audience closer to each artist. Taking down the gallery walls, the audience is immersed in the multi-dimensional art journey with the team’s thorough study of each retrospective work and the personal experience of each artist. The exhibition is not designed as a display. It is an experience that brings emotion, enlivens human touch to art and thrives the appreciation of art exploration. The spaces are sculpted to create surprises, innerworld reflections and dialogues.

Company: One Bite Design Studio Limited

Award: DRIVEN × DESIGN: HONG KONG Design Awards (Australia)