Description: Covering a total area of 18,500 square feet , the InnoSquare under the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is an ambitious interior design project to create one of the highest-end technology hubs in Asia, while also introducing a friendly space and ambience for the cultivation of young and professional InnoHK users of executive-level or above to work and connect. To create a contemporary facility that proactively practises such sustainability principle, we have placed much effort into the sourcing of eco-friendly materials. Not only the carpet covering the 2/F floor space has 0 carbon footprint, and the wallpaper made of recycled material waste; but even its transportation has been meticulously monitored to achieve 0 carbon footprint. For the improvement of indoor air and taking the wellness of the tenants as our priority, living organic mosses have been ordered from Finland as they have the functions of noise cancellation and chemicals absorption within the space.

Company: Chan Tsz Ching 陳子程

Award: DRIVEN × DESIGN: HONG KONG Design Awards (Australia)