Description: School entrance is designed as a city-scale townhouse while classrooms inside are downsized, kid-scale townhouses. Each townhouse is shaped for unique teaching activity, enclosing a piazza as play area. Physical environment and pedagogical facilities combine as one, becoming kids’ “Third Teacher”. There are 2 piazzas in the kindergarten: 1 for art and 1 for kinetic. The façade of townhouses turns into kids’ activities area like canvas for painting, library for reading, medical station for hand cleaning and several muscle working stations etc. Kids can even hide and play around the colonnade of the downsized houses. The existing column in the piazza is dressed up as a bell tower to enhance the vibe of downsized town. A large external arch window showcases to the public this unique piazza space. It extends not only the piazza to the external area, but also the kids’ imaginations.

Company: Cocoon Architecture Ltd.

Award: K-Design Award (Korea)