Description: Stainless steel tray is a set of two tabletop items. This set includes two trays, each is designed as a landscape shape and also like an art sculpture. Each piece is polished with a crisp, mirror finish on the exterior. Each tray can be individually used for table serving, and two trays can be set upside-down to each other in different variations, and become one large tray. Ideal for serving fruits, candy, nuts & jewelry, etc. The design idea is derived from the theory of “Fictitious & Realistic Coexistence” and “The Sky and Earth Coexist” in ancient philosophy that deliver the message, all things are dual, and they are relative to each other, such as sky and earth, light and dark, the two sides are interdependent and complementary, expressing the ideas of balancing and inclusiveness. The most striking characteristic is its waving surface, as it imitates a natural landscape with mountains and valleys, represent a beautiful reminiscence to the nature masterpiece.

Company: Derangedsign Co. Limited

Award: ICONIC Award (Germany)