Description: By controlling pressure and heat level, this pressure cooker brings out the ultimate deliciousness in simmering dishes. With less time and effort, it cooks delicious homemade simmering dishes. “Deodorization” function for more delicious stews! After heating, the temperature is slowly lowered to a suitable temperature through the taste stain finishing function, so that the ingredients are softened, and the moisture, umami, and taste of each ingredient are deliciously melted. The broth is again dipped into the ingredients to make a delicious stew. Reduce man-hours for cooking & health by “two kinds of pressure”! Automatically set 2 pressures suitable for ingredients (high-pressure 80kPa, low-pressure 40kPa), high-pressure cooked meat and beans dishes, slow cooking at low pressure. “12 modes”, cooking and low-temperature cooking are also very easy! In addition to 5 modes dedicated to stewing, it also comes with 7 cooking modes that allow you to cook in various temperature ranges and cooking methods. In addition to stewing, you can easily cook rice, boil it without water, and cook it at low temperatures with one click, making it easier for you to enjoy everyday cooking. Comes with a delicious recipe book (103recipes)

Company: CHOW HUNG PONG 鄒雄邦

Award: Good Design Award (Japan)