Description: The revitalisation of Siu Hei Court Sports Ground, a 40,000 square-feet roof-top sports ground in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, injects smiles and energy into a decrepit rooftop space, transforming an ordinary and dated sports ground into an intergenerational play space that provides a wealth of experiences for people that falls in anywhere in the spectrum of age, ability and interest. User-centric and dual-function designs are introduced to the playground. The lower level is a multi-functional play space, with sports courts, running track, and a gridded playscape that encourages unstructured and creative play. The upper level is geared towards basketball players. Elements are added to standard court markings to add possibilities for new shooting games. Spectator seating is introduced to provide a shaded resting space and to connect the previously separated levels. A car tire installation, reminiscent of old playgrounds in Hong Kong, is designed as special seating and as targets for throwing games. Various interactive wall art and installations, some co-created with neighbourhood kindergartens and primary schools, are also available to for users with different interests.This project creates a new identity for Siu Hei and demonstrates how the untapped potential in rooftop playgrounds can be unlocked.

Company: One Bite Design Studio Limited

Award: Good Design Award (Japan)