Description: In response to Hong Kong Arts Centre’s open invitation for community-driven public art, O&O Studio’s collaboration with REhyphenation was commissioned with support from the Urban Renewal Fund. Siu Kai Fong acts as a reflection of the neighbourhood’s daily usage of the causeway. Further, it captures the historic district’s personal narratives through repurposed furnishings gathered from North Point households and businesses for visitors to experience a piece of the past. Through extensive on-site research, the team learned that users of the causeway bring household furniture to use and share. This observation became the basis for Siu Kai Fong. To start, the team reached out to the North Point community for donations. It eventually received dozens of chairs and tables; the ones with compelling histories were documented with oral narratives accessible via scanning QR codes embedded on each piece. The final installation is an urban living room compilation of loose furniture complemented by painted floor graphics inspired by colourful heritage patterns commonly found in tenement buildings. After the exhibition ends, components from Siu Kai Fong will live on through charity sales and educational events to achieve a closed loop cycle that continues to benefit Hong Kong.


Award: Good Design Award (Japan)