Description: This peaceful apartment is located in a rural area of Hong Kong, turning a typical 65 square meter village house into a modern Japanese style retreat.

Designing for a young couple expecting their new born in few months, spaces are created with special attention to enhance interactions between family members, and connection to the beautiful greenery surroundings.

Spaces are highly transformable to encourage different kinds of activities to evolve. With the owners admiring Japanese culture & details, the apartment is designed with a modern Japanese touch, with careful choices of material to encounter the humid climate of Hong Kong.

Every space in the house are well defined spatially while at the same time connecting intimately to each other. The general tone of the apartment is composing by 2 tones of wood & a spectrum of neutral earthy colours, creating a decompressing atmosphere, with a pinch of Japanese Minimal touches. Having the advantage of locating on the ground floor, the foyer is made like a Genkan of a traditional Japanese house, shoes can be taken off & well placed before entering the living spaces.

Company: Littlemore Design Limited

Award: German Design Award (Germany)