Description: The Kirin place is a mixed-use development consisting of a shopping mall and residential towers with over 10 years of history. The renovation project focus on transforming the existing entrance plaza, sunken plaza, and shopping street. Use strong and bright colors and lines as the design language to create a young and energetic entrance plaza with a variety of visual elements and playful installation. Entrance plaza The original entrance square is unassuming and lacks remarkable features. To enhance the user experience and immerse visitors in the shopping mall, we use colorful linear painting and paving to attract eyeballs. A skateboard ground area is added to fascinate young people clocking in. Sunken Plaza Two sunken plazas are located at the north and south entrances which are linked with the underground mall entrance. As the first impression of the shopping mall, the existing sunken plaza was not fully utilized. Seeking a balance between practicality and aesthetics, we create a live performance stage space in the sunken plaza to create a check-in hotspot for the youth and KOL and a place to gather people. Choosing the materials is one of the most strategic aspects of renovating, the luxury wavy metal on the walls


Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)