Description: Traditional compass will perforate the paper and draw a limited size.

It solves another problem of the traditional radius by offering an infinitely extendable ruler that allows for precision drawing circles of any radius.

Users can draw triangles, pentagons, hexagons, golden spirals, golden ratio and other shapes and sizes according to the special markings on the compasses.

A ruler can be used to cut circles without cutting through paper.

The base is a round shape that can stay on paper and rolling measurements.

A rolling measurement ruler supports different surfaces, a circumference of 20cm with measurements to the millimeter. Using the squares laser-engraved marking rather than lines to avoid measurement errors caused by the width of the lines. It can also be used as a protractor for drawing shapes with specific angles.

Exlicon MX is made of either stainless steel and aeronautical aluminium to improve durability and life cycle. It is manufactured by CNC machining which provides high accuracy and allows error-free drawings. Being compact in size and highly portable.

Company: Ddiin Concept Limited

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)