Description: Food safety is inextricably linked with food security and nutrition. Currently, the social problem is 1 in 10 people worldwide are suffering from food poisoning according to World Health Organization (WHO). ec-heat Ltd. USB portable Food Warmer with its breakthrough heating technology was first invented and developed in 2019 by research professionals due to food safety concern. ec-heat was developed due to the consideration of the unavailability of any portable Food Warmer on the market which is powered by a power bank and can keep food temperature above 60°C for over 6 hours. The first patent for this unique portable induction heating Food Warmer was granted in 2020 and the product was awarded a patent funding support by the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission in 2021. Since then, the patent was further extended to cover more jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, China, Germany and Japan. The first engineering sample of the product was made and trademarked as ec-heat in 2022. Moreover, we got confirmation from a third-party company that the food warmer is compliant with CE, FCC, UKCA regulations and BPA free. Our product can provide safe, hot and fresh food for longer anytime and anywhere.

Company: ec-heat Limited

Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)