Description: Jiaying University Zilin College is an architectural design project located in the central area of Fengshun County in Meizhou, China. The area boasts a rich cultural heritage, blending the traditions of the Hakka and Chaoshan people, and is home to unique ethnic groups and cultural landmarks.

The project site is a hilly terrain with surrounding excellent natural conditions, clean mountains and water, and abundant vegetation. Our design team draws on the concept of “Lóng Fèng Chéng Xiáng” (龙凤呈祥), a traditional Chinese cultural symbol representing auspiciousness, to create a comprehensive layout that fully utilizes the site’s natural undulations, with water as the dragon and mountain as the phoenix, surrounded by auspicious clouds.

The cultural landscape of the site is displayed through a vertical axis landscape, named “Tongwen Axis”, which refers to the unique texture of the landscape created by garden paths, plants, and water systems. Zilin College has both a rich spiritual heritage and a modern feel. The design achieves a harmonious combination of form and concept in both adapting to the local conditions and guiding the development of the project, as well as in the education and personal growth of students.


Award: Muse Design Awards (USA)